Emerald Bixby shot by Mattie Jensen

I'm Emerald Bixby, healthcare individualist. And, like healthcare, my projects are for everybody.

I have many projects, but the overarching theme is this: I help people identify and do exactly whatever they want.

My personal passion is healthcare, and relieving pain is one of my favorite ways to enable people to do whatever they want. My former medical massage practice centered around this, and my long-term career is built on enabling people to have free access to all the healthcare information I can possibly provide for them, so that they can independently be as healthy and pain-free as possible. I also intend to one day make healthcare services accessible and affordable for everyone, but both that goal and my more immediate plans start first with abundant, free client education.

My healthcare past is as multilayered as my future. I grew up with a severely autistic older brother back before that was widely understood, and so I was exposed to a lot of interesting research through that. Medical sensibilities run in the family, and so things like backyard wildlife rehab, emergency management, and first aid protocols were just staples of my life. As a teenager, I was the friend people would always ask medical questions, and I eventually came to realize that the reputation for it preceded me not because people assumed I'd know the answers themselves, but because people expected me to know where to find them and knew I could contextualize them once they were found.

Around ten years ago, I found work in body piercing, and discovered that body art clients of all ages and demographics clearly valued comprehensive education. More importantly, I found that they would, in return, demonstrate impressive commitment to care regimen compliance. Later, I wore every hat in a small busy animal hospital for a couple of years, and became further steeped in the ways that attentive, educational clinical care directly enables practices to keep costs low. Throughout those early professional experiences, and consistently since then, I have observed that the education of the patient -- and their resultant sense of agency -- is the crux of running a practice that is both medically effective and cost-effective.

I believe this principle is the key to improving public health and reducing healthcare costs for everyone, thus improving accessibility to resources and enhancing a positive public health cycle (and thus enabling more people, on a global scale, to freely live and do whatever they want to do). As I went through massage school and moved from the animal hospital to my own full-time massage therapy practice, my ideas for the future of low-cost medicine began to form. I didn't know then that the Direct Primary Care model already existed, but it's essentially the core of my overall concept that I plan, one day, to scale to the hospital level.

I practiced medical massage therapy from February 2012 to January 2018, before a neurologic issue in my hand stopped me from continuing. Now, I've pivoted my concepts and style into some new plans, and will be launching more exciting healthcare projects soon. Among many other things, I will soon be producing videos on YouTube and elsewhere about both medical and business topics, with the general theme of making nuanced topics easily accessible so that individuals can make their own best decisions. You can visit and subscribe at this link. My next career moves will center around healthcare education in several different forms, followed by development of some healthcare management tools, starting with a paper product and moving toward a group of mobile apps (and beyond). That's a very long story made very short, but you can check out my Healthcare Innovations page for more information.

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(Former massage clients, or other curious parties: Here's why I stopped practicing.)

For a more personal snapshot:

I grew up all over the Denver area, and I'm a music geek, MMA fan, and dog person. I'm just enough of an odd duck to get along with everyone, and I have a pretty universal sense of humor -- I'm very difficult to surprise, gross out, or offend.

I've been homeless a few times in a few ways, and I'm excellent at it now. (Shoutout to Urban Peak -- their services, most particularly a voucher to get my GED for free, were directly instrumental in me getting on my path to healthcare.) I care fervently about looking out for the poor and homeless populations, advocating for pragmatic and humane treatment of criminal offenders, and speaking up for anyone who's ever shouted down and ignored under any circumstances.

In theme with creating space for people to be, do, and say exactly whatever they want, I'm also building a forum site to ensure a forever home on the internet for uncensored debate. We're going to call it Parrhesia.

I've managed basically all of my accomplishments in life by having no idea what I was doing, and leveraging that to do things in new and unusual ways. It's remarkably effective.

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