About Me

I have many projects, but the overarching theme is this: I generate ideas for how to convey information, and transform it where necessary, so that it reaches people. I love using this talent to help disadvantaged people identify and succeed at whatever they're passionate about. My favorite indirect route to this end result is healthcare education, but I’m a sucker for anything that helps anyone.


I grew up with a severely autistic older brother, a medically savvy family, and lots of exposure to healthcare and social advocacy. Then, I was fortunate to work first in body art, then a small animal hospital, and later as a medical massage therapist. As a result, I've gained a great deal of practice with clinical client education, and observed how best to ensure client compliance with care regimens. (You can view my Clinical Experience resume on Google Drive.)

The best skill I've developed throughout all this is the ability to help find the right information to answer people's questions, and contextualize the information in ways that are tailored to the individual. My long-term healthcare career is a slow-cooking plan, built on synthesizing the most useful information from my experience, and applying it to clinical patient education, public health education, and client compliance.

Advocacy for the disadvantaged and deplatformed has been on my agenda for as long as I can remember, since well before I experienced homelessness myself and became immersed in the community. Even through the worst of my hardships, I’ve had it easy compared to most people in the unhoused population. As such, one of my main commitments right now is founding my organization Solving Homelessness In Colorado, preparing to file for 501(c)(3) status by our goal deadline, and planning our for-profit subsidiaries (more info coming soon, including calls to action for mentor-investors!). We plan to disrupt how homelessness is addressed locally, and in doing so, we will develop, test, prove, and propagate models that can be applied to the same challenges elsewhere.

In early 2018, a generalized nerve issue abruptly disabled one of my hands, and forced me out of massage therapy. Since then, I’ve made my day-to-day living by falling back on mixed gigs, odd jobs, and the kindness of others. My next agenda item for now, apart from the projects noted above, is preparing for my hard-fought return to college to study healthcare administration. I also am returning soon to writing articles, and after giving in to a great deal of benevolent and appreciated pressure, I now have a couple of (nonfiction) books underway.

I appreciate your interest in my site and my projects! If you’d like to get in touch about anything, feel free to email me or get in touch on any platform. Thanks for visiting!