Going Meta with Media

Rescuing digital literature by preserving it in analog media, and more

Since the dawn of the personal computer, digital media forms have been revered for their many advantages over traditional media. They lend great flexibility, capacity, and versatility to any creative work, compared to limited formats like paper or canvas. However, despite not experiencing decay in the physical sense, these media come with a certain ephemerality, due to the quick turnover of various filetypes and software.

As some media forms fade into obsolescence, it’s essential to preserve works of art and literature in these media so that the public does not lose access to them. At the simplest, this involves transcribing, screenshotting, and otherwise documenting/archiving the information from the originals, so that they can be examined as raw components; this deconstruction also holds educational value for those who examine human creative processes and creations. Secondarily, this can involve reproducing the works in a way that reflects their original medium as closely as possible, through HTML and JavaScript. At its most complex, and most rewarding, this takes the form of what I am calling “literary renascence art”, which entails utilizing essentially unlimited varieties of artistic media (the medium being dictated by the unique nature of a given work) to reinstantiate it.

Current project: Oeuvre Under Glass

In collaboration with renowned hypertext and e-literature pioneer Deena Larsen, I am helping to preserve her body of Flash poetry and prose. In the process, we are exploring the implications and impacts of this technological shift on the e-lit community, and documenting our journey through these themes for scholarly examination. The project Oeuvre Under Glass is our multi-piece reinstantiation of her Flash works, which will be presented in forms including books with mix-and-matchable parts, a complex 3D-printed puzzle-poem, and an interactive kinetic sculpture taking the form of a mobile-poem. In each reproduction, we have attempted to stay as loyal as possible to the experience and content of the original piece.

Oeuvre Under Glass will be displayed at the ELO Conference 2019, and may be slated for museum display thereafter. Visit the Oeuvre Under Glass page for photographs and more information about the pieces.

Limited space will be available from July 2019 forward for documentation and reinstantiation work. Rates are dependent on the unique nature of each project. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Messaging Architect

Mapping your audience’s path to you

Building a project, a brand, or a web presence is like building a dream house. Your niche takes up a certain footprint. Doing business with you takes on a certain flow from piece to piece. The overall shape, design, and materials are what communicate your presence and personality to your audience. I can turn your ideal vision into a concrete plan, and give you the tools to execute it.

Here’s how it works: Before your first appointment, you fill out (and I examine) some answers about you, your idea/brand/project, and your current marketing position. Then we talk more about what the end user/customer experience should feel like, and work together to build a bird’s-eye view of that vision. We’ll build from the ground up if you’re starting the whole thing from scratch, or build additions onto existing steady structures, sparing you years of trial-and-error along the way.

Then we flesh out the details, and reverse-engineer the materials and building blocks you’ll need to build your dream. In application, this starts with figuring out what kind of marketing tools, content media and platforms, SEO strategies, and social engineering pathways are best for your brand. We’ll evaluate your position, audience, current presence if applicable, and take into account your long-term goals for your brand and yourself. You and I will flesh this out into a clear, well-defined, well-documented Presence Plan. Then, I take all the pieces and tasks that build your road to completing that design, I put them in an order that makes sense for your resources and priorities, and I create your custom step-by-step sustainable content strategy.

You’ll come away with:

✔ A defined, documented, and describable Presence Plan, outlining your project’s ideal structure, aesthetic, and atmosphere

✔ A specific, realistic, and unique plan for your immediate marketing makeover and sustainable long-term maintenance

✔ All the skills, context, and resources you need to execute that plan

✔ Lifetime discounted rates on any further nuts-and-bolts contracted from me (web design, social media management, speaking/trainings, other documentation or communications projects)

Reach out anytime for further information or to inquire about consulting.

Limited appointments are currently available for consulting via web or in person. General consulting is assessed at an hourly rate, with sliding-scale consideration for projects related to arts, humanities, and social outreach. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.