Killer Kentucky

A West Denver Coalition for Creative Traffic Safety


How often does someone die on your street?

In the Westwood neighborhood of Denver, the answer we’ve often heard is “every few months”.

It’s time for this to change.

We’ll be bringing some creative solutions to the table, and we’re starting with Kentucky Avenue.



Stay tuned for:


🛑 An open letter to our Councilwoman Jamie Torres and to our local neighborhood associations, sharing the history of advocacy attempts so far and the lack of action by our previous representatives, and calling for the new council’s support in our next steps

🛑 A virtual tour of the Kentucky Avenue strip, overlaid digitally with “Please drive safely” signs and any available pictures from memorials, for each fatality we can find on record (along with data tables demonstrating our research aggregated) — yes, if you work in digital media, we’d love your help!

🛑 A photo set showcasing the nighttime appearance of a routinely fatal block, where you can view how inadequate streetlighting contributes to drivers mistakenly perceiving a curve in the road

🛑 Pictures of our pilot idea for a reflective/deflective installation, and DIY guides for building your own (we’re taking inspiration from racetrack barriers, combining it with those cute planters people make from recycled tires, and sticking reflectors all over it — stay tuned for more info about how these can help protect your property!)

🛑 Galleries/collections of other creative, safe, legal, and frugal solutions that individuals and neighborhoods can implement for safer streets (still very much in research stages, but to start, here’s a 3D-illusion crosswalk in Iceland!)

— and other general information about our growing effort to make the street look killer instead of being a killer.


Too many voices in this neighborhood have been ignored for too long. We look forward to making these losses known, and helping spread effective and frugal (and non-gentrifying) ways for people to take action, so that future deaths are prevented.

Thank you for your attention to this issue!


Take Action Right Now!

Visit the DRCOG Regional Vision Zero map, and contribute your concerns about traffic safety anywhere in town! This is a great way to help bring visibility to issues which can often go underreported to police.


Please use the contact form below to:

✉ Suggest creative ideas for safety improvements

✉ Share your testimony about traffic concerns in the Westwood neighborhood

✉ Volunteer to sponsor or help create a creative installation for someone on the block (formal program coming soon)

✉ Inform us of any errors/issues with this site

We also will be growing a Facebook Group to use as a community home, so that people can share their road safety ideas and projects with each other. Click here to go view and join the group. Thank you for your involvement!

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