In loving, grateful memory of

Elijah Jovan McClain Mosley

2/25/1996 - 8/30/2019

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On August 30th, 2019, humanity suffered the loss of a particularly beautiful soul.


Although Elijah McClain was only 23 when he passed, he impacted an incredible number of lives with his positivity, charm, and humor. His memory lives on, not only in his family and friends, but in the changed hearts and minds of every stranger Eli ever made smile with his delightful antics.

Eli was athletic, creative, and unquashably cheerful. For all the boundless energy he possessed, he was also impressively masterful at focusing his attention. He leveraged his incredible discipline, and his natural genius, to become a respected and highly effective practitioner of therapeutic massage. Thousands of clients are more happy, healthy, and at peace with their lives, for having experienced his care and his naturally healing presence.

Some people are just truly awe-inspiringly brilliant at anything they try, and Eli was one of those people. From throwing a dance move into every step, to singing to himself about how beautiful the day was, Eli found a way to sprout celebration from every moment of life. And from goofballery like walking on his hands down the sidewalk, to kindness like leaving beautiful drawings on sticky notes in sneaky places for people to find, he was always inventing ways to make people laugh and smile. He was an avid reader, an avid musician, and deeply invested in spiritual and personal growth.

Eli leaves behind a void in the hearts of all who knew him, and none feel it more deeply than his loving family. Please extend to them your kindness and support during this tragedy.

One of Eli's highest values is gratitude; he'd often be heard saying his motto "Always with gratitude," and every conversation would be ended with a heartfelt "Thank-ya-thank-ya!" and a huge smile.

So, always with gratitude, Eli ... thank YOU for being you, and for being with us while you could. The world is darker for you having left us, but much brighter than it was before you came along. We will remember you, your lessons, and your love.


Visit the ♡ Love for Eli ♡ Facebook Group to share memories, post your pictures, and access the most recent updates.

Please visit the GoFundMe for Eli’s family, and contribute if you can, to help offset medical bills and end-of-life expenses.

Help spread Eli’s Symbol (a variation on the Gratitude Spiral of uncertain origin, honoring Eli for seeding and stirring up gratitude in us all). Visit the Eli Graphics Drive folder to save and share your favorite version.

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Memorial Information


Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Sep 14th vigil for Eli.

Words — even many of them — don’t do justice to every story, so to appreciate the experience at the vigil, please view this stunning photoset graciously provided by Gem Reul. We thank her for her hard work in supporting Eli’s community and sharing his story.

A memorial gathering on Sep 28th

(It is not yet clear whether this will remain a privately-communicated event.)

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Photos of Eli


To submit your pictures of Eli, post them to the ♡ Love for Eli ♡ Facebook Group, or click here to email the page host.


Songs for Eli


Click picture or click here to view the YouTube playlist

Songs for Eli is an evolving list of songs and other video selections contributed by all who miss Eli. Some videos remind us of him, others are ones he enjoyed or shared with us, others are just things which are helping us get through the grieving process.

The list will continue growing indefinitely, and may come to include any manner of appropriate content, including possibly videos of people speaking about Eli or speaking messages to him, or songs covered to honor him. It will remain publicly available, and we hope it helps serve as a fellowship center, and emotional-release resource, for all who have loved Eli — especially those who are far away and can’t be physically present with others mourning.

To request that a YouTube video be added to this list, post it in the ♡ Love for Eli ♡ Facebook Group, or click here to email the page host.


“Wherever there is cosmic consciousness, zest for life, dance and buffoonery, and the awareness that life is too short to waste any of it — then he has taken up occupancy within us, and we may be inspired to become all that we might aspire to.”



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