Healthcare Innovations

My overarching goal for healthcare is to make preventive and hospital services affordable and accessible for everyone. (Oh yes — literally everyone.) I believe that, when this is accomplished, it will be built on and inextricable from a foundation of abundant and free client education.


It is the educated client's sense of confidence and efficacy that I find consistently improves their compliance with both clinical procedures and self-care regimens, and thus reduces suffering, disease, and costs.


Immediately, I'm creating educational material about self-care and general healthcare topics, geared toward helping all individuals have agency over their own comfort and health levels. These will launch soon via both my YouTube channel and a couple of other platforms (exciting things coming soon!). I'll also be propagating the best clinical manual treatment methods I've found and/or created, both so that people can learn to treat each other, and to enhance the skillsets of my colleagues in manual medicine.

Next, I'll be developing healthcare management tools. (For individuals and those who care for them, that is, although ties to practice management software will most likely be layered in later.) The overall vision is a family of mobile apps, empowering individuals with their own healthcare management and/or streamlining care management of others, as well as reaching diverse populations with free client education material. While I'm developing plans for these apps, I'll be developing and proving the minimum viable product concept underlying the flagship main app, in the form of a printed product targeted toward care managers.

Once that's launched and stable, I'll also be moving forward with a few inventions. These include a device intended to bring body piercing into the clinical setting at low costs and with minimal training required for staff, as well as a handful of specialized tools for manual therapists of all kinds. I'll also strive to continue innovating in manual medicine techniques to the best of my physical ability, and strive to continue spreading that information as freely as possible. Additionally, I have a few research-related passions in manual medicine, and hope to help reconcile the impasses between manual therapy practitioners and those clinicians who have not yet seen enough observational evidence.

Finally, after these foundations are laid, I'd like to found a chain (or rather, probably a nonprofit that plants a chain) of low-cost hospitals. These would be modeled after careful experimentation and research surrounding the Direct Primary Care model. I plan to test and refine my theories throughout the next several years as I lead up to this, by developing client education/compliance concepts through my original healthcare tools, and most likely by building a multidisciplinary physical rehab clinic and slowly scaling it as a proving ground before taking the model to the hospital level. I think it's realistic to make DPC services affordable for most of the population, and to develop pricing that enables a reasonable amount of sliding-scale implementation.


But fundamentally, it all comes down to having an educated, proactive, motivated patient population.


By all these projects combined, and with participation from the entire rest of the field of medicine and big swaths of several other fields and most of humanity, I think we can achieve all of the above!

For the record, I've been right about crazier things. ☺

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