Share Anything

I don't think there's a character limit. If there is, it's high enough that I didn't find it with testing, so you should be groovy!

For a long time, many people have told me that I’m approachable, and I’ve tried to cultivate that. I’ve always loved being asked by strangers for directions or spelling advice, and that grew into me feeling honored and grateful when I’m the person with whom someone feels safe enough to share burdens.

I’ve also learned with time that often the most valuable and important words are the most difficult to say.

For a brief moment on the internet, Sarahah was a trendy thing. The fad died, but I loved the concept, and I enjoyed using it as another way to help people approach me with criticism, compliments, confessions, anything they wanted to share. Since that tool isn’t super active now, this page is my home for maintaining that availability.

Please feel free to share here anything that you want to share. I welcome any and all personal feedback/admissions, but also invite and encourage any expression that has nothing to do with me, like stories, confessions, deep thoughts, venting rambles, or anything else that you feel needs to be turned into words and be read by someone. There is no subject too intense, nor too frivolous. If you feel a need to say something, and you need somewhere safe to say it, I will always be glad to make sure you are heard.

Use this whenever and however you need it. I’m grateful to learn what I can from anyone, and to help anyone I can.