About Emerald

Emerald Bixby shot by Mattie Jensen

I have many projects, but the overarching theme is this: I help information be conveyed, and transformed where necessary, so that it reaches people. I love using this talent to help people identify and achieve whatever they're passionate about, and my very favorite way to help and enable people is through healthcare education.

I grew up with a severely autistic older brother, a medically savvy family, and lots of exposure to healthcare and social advocacy. Then, I was fortunate to work in body art, a small animal hospital, and as a medical massage therapist (you can view my Clinical Experience resume on Google Drive). As a result, I've gained a great deal of practice with clinical client education, and observed how best to ensure client compliance with care regimens. The best skill I've developed through all of this is the ability to help find the right information to answer people's questions, and contextualize the information in ways that are tailored to the individual.

My long-term career is built on enabling people to have free access to all the healthcare information I can possibly provide for them, so that they can independently be as healthy and pain-free as possible. I also intend to one day make healthcare services accessible and affordable for everyone, but both that goal and my more immediate plans start first with abundant, free client education. I have consistently observed that the education of the patient — and their resultant sense of agency — is the crux of running a practice that is both medically effective and cost-effective. I believe this principle is the key to improving public health and reducing healthcare costs for everyone, thus improving accessibility to resources and enhancing a positive public health cycle.

Lately, I’ve made my living in various small creative gigs, ever since a small nerve issue in one hand forced me out of my massage therapy career-stage in early 2018. My new main focus is preparing for my return to college to study healthcare administration, and continuing to develop projects for my ongoing career in the healthcare education sphere. I'm also working on a book on the general topic of resilience and optimism, and I’m involved with a few causes, with my main focus being a series of efforts to help address and resolve the homelessness crisis in Colorado (and, in doing so, helping to develop and prove models that can be applied to the same challenges elsewhere).

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